The company has obtained UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certification pursuing a corporate evolution that places even greater focus on the Customer's real needs.

The corporate management feels that the main goals to be pursued for ongoing improvement of the corporate trends are i) to ensure steadily high quality products and services for the customers and ii) constant updating and improvement of the product in terms of methods, means and capacity in full compliance with national and European sector standards. in this light, training is considered indispensable for corporate evolution. Moreover, the company works to produce new solutions for corporate clients, particularly in the field of maintenance, with global service contracts. As regards environmental policies, the Toninato Impianti management has decided to ensure that all corporate choices and activities follow the principle that it is possible to pursue development with environmentally compatible means. For this reason the company has applied for, and received, UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 certification. Environmental management is integrated with all corporate activities and, in particular, with the corporate Quality operations. Indeed, the two areas share several procedures, in particular the management methods. All interested parties - and in particular the customers who use our services - must be made fully aware of the environmental and ecological factors involved, safeguarding the needs of the population affected by the environmental impact of our company's activities. The management ensures completely open dialogue and cooperation with all these parties. Ongoing improvement of the corporate management system is ensured also through a process of ongoing training of the corporate personnel and collaborators and by raising awareness of environmental questions. The company supports actions focused on recycling wastes and reducing the consumption of power and resources, particularly non renewable resources.

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