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Toninato Impianti specializes in the creation, installation and maintenance of various types of systems for: hydraulics, heat-generation, steam generation, air conditioning, air treatment, exhaust, compressed air, district heating, fire-fighting, co-generation, energy savings.

The work is addressed to private parties, companies and Public Agencies. Historically, the company was founded in 1968 as an individual concern: Toninato Gianfranco. Later, following the growth and prestige acquired over the years, it became Toninato Impianti SRL. Currently the company has an adequate, highly qualified staff and uses the cooperation of highly skilled outside contractors. It can meet any demand for civil and industrial systems. The company offers avant-garde technological solutions and can count on its well consolidated experience. Toninato Impianti has its own headquarters in Noventa di Piave (VE) and works throughout Northern and Central Italy. Its customers include production industries, supermarkets and shopping centres, public and private health care facilities, hotels and restaurants, vineyards, schools, public offices, military barracks, sports facilities and swimming pools, industrial laundries, industrial kitchens and homes.

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